ReframeTravel.com is an interactive website dedicated to flight travel.

ReframeTravel’s vision is a world where every single person can afford to travel by air anywhere in the globe on a cheap, safe and reliable way. Our mission is to guide the prospective traveler throughout the entire travel experience, from dreaming, to planning, to researching, booking, flying, experiencing new places and returning safely home.

We found an under-utilized niche of round-the-world (RTW) travel, where opportunities exist for cheap air tickets for travel to several continents, all at the price of a regular round-trip ticket to a typical holiday destination. Finding these RTW routes has therefore become one of our main focus and we offer such trip suggestions from various departure cities.

Another area of interest for us is answering the question: “Which of these 2-3 itineraries, similarly priced, is more valuable?” We are attempting to respond this question by introducing an airfare comparison and rating system, whose details will be presented shortly on a demo page on our website.

Reframe Travel was founded by Bogdan Dimitrescu, a 37-year old entrepreneur from Bucharest, Romania. Bogdan is currently an aviation consultant and has served previously as CEO of Medallion Air airline and had other aviation-related positions with various airlines, aircraft lessors and asset management companies. Bogdan is a travel enthusiast, passionate about finding the best options for cheap flight travel, and is currently saving money to travellers around the world in his capacity of Travel Expert with Flightfox.


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